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Are you and your team 'in the room'?

Are you and your team producing the results you always dreamed of?

If not, do you dare to make a difference? Are you ready to make an I.M.P.A.C.T?

“The future of Britain’s self esteem is safe in Nigel’s hands. He has an awesome presence which touches and transforms people’s lives!”

Jack Canfield, Co-Author New York Time #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Entertaining and unreservedly direct, Nigel isn’t just a motivational speaker – he is a company turnaround specialist driving everyone from CEOs to school children to ignite excitement and action in their life.

For more than 20 years, Nigel has been on his quest to make you the best by sharing his techniques and tools to break through the boundaries we put up around us. His always animated and interactive presentations have inspired thousands of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 delegates, school children, charities, and prison inmates, in groups of five to 5000 and all over the world, into taking positive strides in their work and personal life.

No longer living the dress rehearsal of their life, Nigel’s words whip up listeners into action; energised and passionate.

nigel risner




nigel risner

Consider your present and make an IMPACT to begin your best future. 

Discover your inner animal as well as the ones in your office and start using communication that connects and inspires. 

nigel risner

Discover your inner animal and the ones in your office and start using communication that connects and inspires. 


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“I so enjoyed Nigel’s presentation to our central team. The way he connected with everyone was phenomenal. And his main message (as leaders, we all have to become zookeepers) landed so well, in no small part through how he brings it all to life, makes it truly tangible and has you understand what positive impact the zoo/animals-concept can have on teams and organizations”

Kurt Frenier, Vice President Marketing Transformation - PepsiCo

"The fact that I am providing this testimonial in the middle of a pandemic should give some indication as to how much I enjoyed your presentation to the Cayman Islands Civil Service earlier this year!

Your presentation can be described in one word!  Awesome!  My team is still talking about your high impact delivery and the way in which you connected with the audience.  I took away a few golden nuggets  from your presentation which I use every day – staff engagement during this pandemic is key-  so your seminar was timely and has equipped my leadership team to perform at a higher level.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Cayman Islands again soon."

Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor

“Nigel has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me. A fantastic presenter and a wonderful person who I hope I get the pleasure of working with again one day.”

Deborah Macfarlane, Marketing Capability Manager – Marks & Spencer

nigel risner
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