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its a zoo

Nigel Risner is a motivational speaker and expert in leadership and communication. Known as the Zookeeper, Nigel uses the metaphor of a zoo to help individuals and organisations identify the different personality types in their teams, and subsequently use this understanding to communicate more effectively, work together more efficiently, and achieve their goals more successfully.


Lions, dolphins, elephants and monkeys?

An office bouncing around the roaring, clicking, trumpeting and babbling of your workforce – it sounds like a zoo!

Dynamic monkeys are trying to joke around with the analytical elephants and the single-minded lions are frustrated with the ever-patient dolphins. Your office is a mess of confused communication in all the different languages and styles. And guess what, it’s the same with your customers.

To talk with the animals you need to understand them. You need to become the zookeeper – and Nigel is here to tell you how to do just that. 

Over thousands of talks, Nigel has helped many more thousands of people pick up the wandering parts of their business and pull them together with a new energy and passion.  

Drive collaborative communication - drive sales - drive success.

it's a zoo around here book


Live the life you have always wanted!

Crack the IMPACT Code.


Too many of us settle for steady dissatisfaction rather than striving for success. Competition is only increasing, yet enthusiasm is going the other way. It is time to register this and to make changes happen. 

Nigel’s approach is direct, dynamic, and devastatingly honest. He will have you question your past motivations, consider your present, and create your future, ensuring that you make an IMPACT.

“No one can make a brand new start, but everyone can start now to give a brand new ending.”

The choice is yours. It always has been.

the impact code book


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