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"You literally blew them away with your amazing style of delivery and passion. I have never seen a group so moved and motivated to change."
Stephen Head
Training Manager
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
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If you and your organisation are operating at maximum level and producing maximum results and all of your staff are 100% happy then continue doing whatever it is you are doing.

Some individuals and companies that we work with feel that they can have at least 5% more IMPACT in some area and that is where we come in.

Please contact us to find out how we can make your organisation operate at a level higher than you could ever imagine and obtain results bigger than you have ever dreamt of.

MONDAY - JANUARY 27th 2014

"Nigel’s long awaited Advanced Speakers Bootcamp will be happening in October. This is for people that have already attended one of his workshops and want to take their speaking career to a higher level. Video feedback, learn new techniques to overcome hecklers and create extra revenue from additional workshops derived from your key note speech.
Email for more details.

Testimonial from Geoff Ramm

"Nuggets, that's what you get from Nigel's boot camps - Nuggets. Ideas, techniques, honesty and experience from someone who has been there, got the t-shirt and is generous to share it with you. Not only do you collaborate with speakers in the room but you are also challenged into making these ideas become reality!!! Brilliant for all levels of professional speakers".

NEW - It's a zoo around here communications programme training
Learn how to communicate with the different animals in your workplace. Further details on request please email to find out more.

TUESDAY - MARCH 25th 2014
Would you like to speak in public without your knees knocking together?
Would you like to get paid to speak to audiences?

In a small, safe environment you will have the opportunity to learn the strategies to overcome your worst nightmare that is either drying up on stage, forgetting your lines and worse – feeling like the audience hate you.
To enquire about this workshop please email to reserve your place.


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"Nigel did the keynote speech at our forcewide conference; "Inspired to Lead". He was electric and touched the audience in a way which we have not seen done before. He was funny, challenging and insightful. The feedback was superb and I have received so many positive comments about the inspirational I.M.P.A.C.T. that he has had on the individuals who attended. He lit the blue touch paper of our senior leaders and retired...leaving us with a highly motivated team to point in the right direction.

I have no hesitation in scoring Nigel 10/10 and would strongly recommend him as a keynote for any organisation who wants to release the potential of their human capital."

Brian Langston QPM
Assistant Chief Constable
Operations Directorate

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Speaking to Footdown groups across the country, often twice a year, Nigel gives members a choice, the comfortable entertaining presentation or the one that takes them into uncomfortable places and the unknown, but an experience that adds the value and makes the difference.

It is often said that Footdown is not for the feint hearted; fellow members caring passionately about each other, challenging, stretching, sharing, holding to account and revelling in each others success can be the “edge” but at times uncomfortable.

This reflects Nigel’s contribution, “edgy” and uncomfortable at times, yet always inspiring and frequently life changing.

For many Footdown groups the relationship with Nigel has been longstanding, generating a spirit of trust, permission and openness.

For leaders truly wishing to get into their best place Nigel hits the mark."

Mike Roe
CEO Footdown
December 2010
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