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Let’s face it, the workplace is a bit of a zoo and it’s often a pretty emotional, chaotic one at that. Moreover, a zoo isn’t a natural environment for any of the animals who live in it. The workplace isn’t any different. In an ideal world we could run free and choose who we work and play with. Sadly, for the vast majority of us, we must accept that the workplace zoo is where we have to be.


Being an effective leader pivots on our ability to understand the personalities that make up a team and how to communicate with them. Everyone is dominated by certain personality traits; Nigel has likened these traits to four animal types. We’re all a little bit of everything, but each of us is driven to follow our instincts and give in to the animal within.


Learn how to master being an effective Zoo Keeper and keep those animals from running wild! 

Zoo Keeper Rules for the Office Book + Webinar

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