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Deborah Macfarlane

Marketing Capability Manager – Marks & Spencers 


I first heard Nigel speak over 10 years ago and he has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me. So when we were organising a conference for our Marketing Group of 350 people he was the first speaker booked.  We were clear on our brief and Nigel fulfilled that perfectly.  Our group are a tough audience, however Nigel’s humour and truly inspirational presentation won them all over.  He was the group’s favourite speaker, he doesn’t just inspire on the day, he makes a difference to the way people think and behave.  Although I’ve only met Nigel twice – once to brief him and then on the day of the conference, his personable nature made me feel like I’ve known him for years.  A fantastic presenter and a wonderful person who I hope I get the pleasure of working with again one day.   


Thanks again Nigel.




Below are the comments from employees occupying lower management grades who attended a session you delivered for the first time last Thursday 28th May 2015.


Feel free to write any comments regarding the session as a whole
interesting and entertaining. would have enjoyed a longer session
Very interesting session! Looking forward for the next one!
Very effective and should have sessions more frequently.
I have never been to a training session in which I spent most of the time laughing but still managed to gain a lot of insightful and useful information!! A big well done for the set up and organisation. Time management was very effective.
Was very instructive using funny example and in the meantime it makes you realize the seriousness of the subject. Without any doubts Its a learn life experiences.
It helps to handle tasks and life in a different way. Very good + very motivational
The trainer is very well informed and had our full attention throughout the entire session, thanks to the informative yet very interactive session.
Very interesting Training and very effective. especially how to deal with different situations on work
One Phrase = Best Training Session Ever!
Session was very flowing, interesting and to the point.
Just well done
I haven’t experienced such a valuable, interesting and entertaining course in ages. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend this one and i look forward to the next one : )
Session was a huge eye opener in the day to day activities at work
it was a very interesting session but what i suggest is that we cascade down even to operator level in some sort of training as this may benefit alot I think.
The trainer definitely knows how to engage his audience. A midst joking and having fun he passes on his message, which is very clear to understand. I could see people (I did it myself) nodding whenever he asked the audience to be sincere when answering to themselves to a particular question about their personal behavior. This meant that he knew exactly what he was saying and therefore he knows the subject very very well. If everyone follows his advice I am pretty sure that our workplace would be a better place.
Very interesting, informative and fun!
Really enjoyed the session and looking forward for the follow up session. Nigel had an Impact on me, on how I will look into things going forward
Very interesting and keeps you engaged throughout. Trainer approach very effective and leaves an IMPACT
It was a superb session! Really enjoyed it… It helped me to understand my animal in me better (character), and which are the areas where i have to improve by at least 5%, to leave an impact :) Well done. Looking forward for the follow up session…
Very Useful
The session was extremly interesting and very helpful indeed.
Nigel starts the session without the audience knowing exactly on what is the subject. He has a great technique of how to deliver important and frequently annoying psychological theories in a light and very funny way. At the end of the session, the audience discover that something was absorbed and learnt important concepts of communication, self-esteem and motivation that are important aspects of good management practices.




“I never let you know that ‘Be in the room’ is the best life/work message I have ever taken away from a speaker, whether preparing for a pitch or playing with my boys. Thanks!”

Jeremy Petty – deputy managing director Scarlettabbott

“I attended a leadership workshop you delivered in Durham for County Durham and Darlington Foundation NHS Trust this year. I was inspired to follow through with some of the concepts you introduced on the day, like: be in the room, feed forward and its a zoo around here. I ordered your books the very next day.

I have encouraged many friends and colleagues to read all three as they have helped me enormously, in fact i immediately implemented the feed forward principle within my team, and also the celebrating success at the beginning of meetings, both were immeasurably successful. Thank-you.

The real reason for my writing, and I’m definitely not a stalker, was to thank you, as a result of reading the IMPACT CODE, I have been inspired to change my career, by defining my purpose, and chasing my passion not my pension!

I have worked as a Learning and Development Manager in the NHS for a number of years, and recently had become very dis-enchanted with the job and the NHS, after reading The IMPACT Code, I realised that the problem was me, not the job!

I am so happy, my family life has improved also, as although I am busier, the time I am home is fun and qualitative.

Thank you so much for the inspiration.”

Leann Chivers

“Nigel – I’m shattered and you are to partly to blame!

I’ve started to read The Impact Code and have putting ‘in the room’ into action. I’ve had two all day meetings this week, one being my monthly management performance meeting, the second being the first of our 2010 planning sessions. I have focussed on being in the room at both and wow what a difference. I’ve made much more of an effective and valid contribution than ever before, understood areas that I have usually switched off from and had comments like ‘wow you’re engaged today’. I see what you mean by how hard work it is, but what a difference it has made, I’ve had a blast!

I’ll continue to keep this going and build on things and am looking forward to delving deeper into the Impact Code”

Neil Cavill, Data and CI Delivery Manager, npower

“Nigel did the keynote speech at our forcewide conference; “Inspired to Lead”. He was electric and touched the audience in a way which we have not seen done before. He was funny, challenging and insightful. The feedback was superb and I have received so many positive comments about the inspirational I.M.P.A.C.T. that he has had on the individuals who attended. He lit the blue touch paper of our senior leaders and retired…leaving us with a highly motivated team to point in the right direction.

I have no hesitation in scoring Nigel 10/10 and would strongly recommend him as a keynote for any organisation who wants to release the potential of their human capital.”

Brian Langston QPM, Assistant Chief Constable, Operations Directorate

“The future of Britain’s self esteem is safe in Nigel’s hands. He has an awesome presence which touches and transforms people’s lives!”

Jack Canfield, Co-Author New York Time #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“It gave me great pleasure last night to announce that you won ‘Speaker of the Year’…Deservedly won, congratulations.”

Robert Drew, Chief Executive, Vistage

“I am a Store Manager for Sainsburys and I wanted to take the opportunity to say “Thank you” for your session at the NEC.  I found you so inspirational that you have left a mark on me. It was great to see and hear your presentation.  I look forward to exploring your website.

This email may be brief but it is sent with sincere thanks!”

Tim Hassall, Store Manager, Sainsbury

“I have heard Nigel speak and because of what he said I was inspired to truly believe in myself and that I could achieve anything. So I set out to become the UK & Ireland Champion Speaker for 2 years in succession. I then went onto compete in the World International Speech Championship. I am now ranked 3rd in the world of public speaking. Thank you Nigel”

Eric Rainey

“OUTSTANDING! In the evaluations, you scored 94.4% for value to the member and 96.7% for your skill in communicating ideas. This is the second highest score of any speaker presenting to V427 in the last eight years. Well done! You had clearly spent some time studying the Members’ Profile that I had sent you and also retained the detail from members’ comments made during the course of the session. This enabled you to interact with the members in a very positive and meaningful way. Finally, for me you showed great skill in being both entertaining and humorous, whilst delivering substantive learning.”

Keith H Millard, Vistage Ireland

“I have had the privilege of seeing you on a number of occasions and it never ceases to amaze me re the power that you have over people – everyone of the ‘give us your thoughts’ forms i have had were bowled over with your enthusiasm, motivation, humour and persona – so again, my thanks. i have also reminded all those that attended about the 21 day commitment and an e mail will be winging its way to them on 21st Feb to see how they got on. Always good to see you and to work with you, and its great to see the passion and the enjoyment in what you do – something that a number of people need to take on board!”

Lynn Smith, Group Colleague Development Manager, Bromford Housing

“I want to thank you for an excellent presentation and the feedback from various members of the team has been very positive. You handled the 10 different nationalities with aplomb and the result was an enlivened team who had fun and I’m sure will all start to think in a more expansive way.”

Will Rowson, Ing Real Estate

“I can honestly tell you that in eight years of being in TEC, we’ve never had a speaker rated 5.0 on a scale from 1 to 5 by every single person. Some tried to give you higher than 5, one person said 10, but Richard wouldn’t allow it.”

Elyse Krieger Hurtado, Executive Vice President, Ampco Products Inc.

“How delighted I was with the response to your session! They were the highest marks we have achieved with a speaker in five years and that is a great tribute to the way in which you approached and adapted your session.”

Brian Chernett MD, The Academy for Chief Executives

“The feedback that I have had has been awesome, your combination of humour passion and energy was an inspiration for the whole team and was the perfect climax to our managers conference.”

Nigel Rothband MD, Body Shop Retail

“Nigel is an inspirational speaker and writer…what you need to find out is what he has to offer- then take advantage of it.”

Findlay Caldwell, MD of RAC

“Nigel is the best speaker I know, I love listening to him, he is entertaining, thought provoking and always leaves you with a life changing thought. Every time I have here him speak he has new and fantastic content, I would like to recommend Nigel, you will love him.

Penny Power OBE, Founder Of Ecademy

“Your lively and professional style made the event a great success and you are the 1st speaker we have had to score a perfect 10 from all who have attended.”

Dr. Jill Thurgood, Health Promotion Officer, GSK

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    Deborah Macfarlane Marketing Capability Manager – Marks & Spencers I first heard Nigel speak over 10 years ago and he has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of […]