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Nothing could be easier! The IMPACT Code will change the way you think and feel about your life, but most importantly, crack the code and the world will, quite literally, be yours. At last Nigel has committed his unique life philosophy to print and all benefit from his outstanding guide to living and getting the life we dream about.

“The real reason for my writing, and I’m definitely not a stalker, was to thank you, as a result of reading the IMPACT CODE, I have been inspired to change my career, by defining my purpose, and chasing my passion not my pension!”

Reviews from Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Have wanted to do this for a while 20 Jan 2014 – By Carl Rosier-Jones
I purchased this book after watching Nigel in action in Bournemouth during the Summer of 2013. He was truly inspirational and I wanted to learn/know more. I bought the book (as well as his zoo around here book). He words within the book were exactly what I wanted to read. For me, the book was trying to tell me something more and it took months for me to truly digest and fully understand and appreciate the meaning. Since finishing the book, I am now in the room – I will not procrastinate, I now know my purpose and I have taken action.

The book is not a boring self-help book, it has humour and it is in an easy to read format. This book is for anyone to read as there will be something in there that will make ‘sense’. It is a refreshing read and a proper page turner.

If I could suggest this book to anyone, it would be for those who are feeling they want more, or even if they think that they feel they have lost some direction, then this book will truly set them on the right path.